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The Child Jesus Parish is part of the south pastoral sector of Phnom Penh, which includes the parish of the Child Jesus, located in the district of Boeung Tumpun and also the churches of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, located in the district of Koh Norea, and St. Mary, located in the district of Tu Taing.

The priest in charge of the sector area is  Father Damien Fahrner, MEP. He is supported by Father Sok Sok Na. The Parish Sector has about 800 parishioners and about thirty groups, communities or projects active in the sector. Religious communities and lay missionaries and youth centers make possible the many projects of the parish:

Charity to the poor focuses on a real attention to education: literacy, school enrollment and integral education of over 500 children and youth from  early childhood to adulthood.

Here is a video of the Church missions in the South of Phnom Penh:

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